The most interesting chart to come out of Iowa

Breakdown of Iowa Democratic caucus-goers by age.
Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 8.06.20 AM


Update: I’m adding another chart which is just as interesting.

Update 2 10:40 AM EST February 2nd: This chart may be incorrect.  Video evidence shows Bernie winning at least 1 coin toss.

Delegates won by coin toss

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 8.23.26 AM

Data (compiled from Entrance polls, adjusted to voter turnout)

Clinton Sanders
18-24 1,288 10,071
25-29 1,593 7,589
30-39 5,574 10,165
40-49 5,973 5,153
50-64 20,377 11,945
65+ 22,625 8,526
  • Mrs.Rodriguez

    Hmm. Looks legit.

  • Vivelevin

    Why older voters may prefer Hillary…they are financially comfortable and don’t want to rock the boat..they are women and just want to see a woman in the oval office…they are not savvy on social media and rely on TV ads and mainstream media to make their decisions. This latter reason probably carries more weight than many realize. MSM has been pro HRC for a long time and won’t let up anytime soon. Social media of course has its HRC supporters but what is the age of that group?…probably younger.

    The Bernie supporters are younger and have much more to lose from a future that HRC will offer them than Bernie Sanders. She is, after all, a Corporate Democrat and her goal is MONEY and POWER for herself. If she wins, she goes down in history as the first female President in USA. If Bernie wins, he becomes one of the greatest Presidents in US History. Clinton is in it for “la gloire,” and Bernie is in it for the American people to gain a stronger economic foothold so they can do something besides survive the gambling and robber barons of the Big Banks, Wall Street and billionaires…and prisons!

    Older Americans have to ask themselves this question: In looking back at the 1960″s, 1970″s…were people wrong to participate in the Civil Rights Movement?…was MLK, Jr, wrong to organize marches?…were Americans wrong to protest the War in Vietnam?…were Americans wrong to throw eggs at President Nixon?…was Rosa Parks wrong in not giving up her seat to a White on that bus?

    Young people and lots of older people too, recognize that income inequality, institutional racism, climate change…these are the huge issues of our time…the debts the young are incurring to get an education are shameful not to mention burdensome for years and years. Young more than the old seem to recognize both the devastation of climate change and the opportunity it brings for green industries and lifestyle changes…changes that would make us healthier.

    Americans have lost their “joie de vivre” because we work too hard for too little, and hardly have time to be out, enjoying life, or take a proper vacation, or spend significant time with our newborns.

    Worse than thant, older Americans are sitting around calling young people, “idealists,” and telling them Bernie is not electable; he can’t get anything done. There’s no way, it’s all pie-in-the sky. How will Congress dereail him…it goes on an on…so let’s stay with the status quo and hope for a better outcome.

    Right, the definitition of insanity!

    2016 is the election of the 21st century…the poltical revolution…we better get it right! We have forgotten something maybe we never knew:

    We’ve all been taught our government provides a safety check, a balance of power: the Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial…but it is not workin. All three branches of government are in the hands of big money. Well, there is a fourth balance of power: the American voter.

    Some might argue that a voter is not part of the government. However, the government is supposed to be “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” therefore voters are indeed that 4th and crucial balance of power.

    If we elect Bernie Sanders, that will be the best demonstration of our power to get money out of politics, and return the other three branches of government into a working balance of power where differences regarding policy will be decided by people, not corporations.

    AND, with Bernie, we will end Citizens United.

    There’s a lot at stake and I wish the older Americans were as savvy as Bernie and the younger people are, and as clear about the threat the government is to the future of this country and the planet.

    • Markrod420

      Lolol more to lose from hillary. Maybe if you dont understand economics it looks that way. No one will fuck up this country more than sanders

      • andrea

        You mean than Bush fucked it up?
        The platform Sanders espouses is almost identical to the one FDR used to rescue us from the Great Depression.
        If that’s “fucked up” I don’t care what YOUR idea of “Great” is.

        • Markrod420

          Lol yeah no we have NEVER had as much socialism as sanders is proposing and it will not work. Bernies plan is lamer than FDRs legs. You people are so fucking stupid. Socialism is not how people get ahead. But go ahead and keep thinking that. Bernie is gonna end up winning because our whole society is a bunch of fucking morons. And just like you thought obamacare was a good idea and then pretty much everyones healthcare costs went up. Thats what bernie will be like only in EVERY part of life. So go fuck yourself you ignorant cunt. The only good thing about bernie winning will be watching you retards try to explain why everything got worse and its still not bernies fault.

          • Sphinx

            Seriously, Markrod? Get a life. Get some manners. And while you’re at it address that anger management problem you have. Dear God.

          • John OLeary

            So well expressed, cogent, well reasoned. A little like Trump.

          • spellwight

            Wow, what a nice mouth you have. Your mother must be so proud.

          • Markrod420

            well shes happier than she would be if i was an ignorant fat cunt that makes nasty duck faces in her pictures to try not to look fat, but shes so fat it completely fails anyway. good god.

          • spellwight

            The photo is facetious. Yes, I’m fat and I have a cunt but I don’t let my sexual organs overtake my personality like you have. Can’t decide if you’re an asshole or just a dick. Apparently both.

          • Rowena

            You have testosterone poisoning and an Ebola-level case of ignorance. You also apparently got your vocabulary from Glengarry Glen Ross. Go to school and then get back to us.

          • Ip Obin

            For what it is worth Markrod420, here is the hierarchy of disagreement as conceived by Paul Graham:

            Refuting the central point: explicitly refutes central point
            Refutation: finds the mistake and explains why it’s mistaken using quotes
            Counterargument: contradicts and then backs it up with reasoning and/or supporting evidence
            Contradiction: states the opposing case with little or no supporting evidence
            Responding to Tone: criticizes the tone of the writing without addressing the substance of the argument
            Ad Hominem: attacks the characteristics or authority of the writer without addressing the substance of the argument
            Name-calling: sounds something like, “You are an idiot.”

            A far as I can tell, you are operating at the lowest level of argumentation by name-calling, .e.g. “you ignorant cunt” and “you people are so fucking stupid” without stating anything that resembles an argument. In terms of who is winning this argument, I would have to say andrea – in spite of the fact that she has not really said much. But what you said is just devoid of substance, that she wins due to your utter lack of saying anything other than name-calling. And cursing.

          • Markrod420

            I love when people bring this up because i really dont give a fuck. If i was trying to or if i thought it was even remotely possible to talk some sense into you retards i would make points. I dont. I know its not possible. You people are seriously retarded and ive spent enough time trying to make points to you idiots to know theres no point. Im not here to change your mind. Im literally here to hate you. You people are going to destroy the economy and im going to be stuck dealing with it. I cannot stop you. And so i fucking hate you. I geniunely hope you die. And i just wanted to express it. Btw explaining to someone that their argument lacks substance as a form of argument is also a form of argument that completely lacks substance. Fucking hipocrite cunt.

          • Rowena

            We’ll visit you in prison, Markrod (you can only hope), because you are clearly headed there. Venomous anger, lack of education, poor communication skills, probably a large gun collection. I suggest you head to an unregulated capitalist state and engage in street warfare and cadging your own food from those weaker than yourself. If you can’t find such a country, start one. Maybe there’s an island where you can shoot off your guns and scream at the trees.

          • Markrod420

            LOLOLOL i love that you presume to know so much about me. I have one gun which never leaves it secure location because its there only for self defense. Probably more applicable skills and a better job than you ever will, and im early in my career. And excellent communication skills when i feel my audience is worth my intellect. As i said you people arent worth it. you are ignorant whining entitled children. I just come here to vent my anger so that it is EASIER for me to leave my gun where it belongs 😉

          • Rowena

            Applicable skills and a better job, hmmmm. Well, I’m retired, but I have a PhD and taught in college for 30 years, so yeah, I was pretty gainfully employed. Not only do I have a great pension, and my PhD husband’s as well, but I had an aunt who left me a large farm. So yeah, not hurtin’ in the money department–I’m still not a stone cold asshole like you, however. I love how you right-wing creeps always assume that anyone who is liberal must be poor and “entitled,” and must not understand government or economics. What a joke you are.

          • Toni Grossmann

            You should seek professional help. “So go fuck yourself you ignorant cunt” “retards”. Mental problems are a sickness you don’t need to be ashamed of seeking help from a therapist. I wish you the best.

          • melly

            Yeah, there’s a great, articulate “argument”–namecalling is always so convincing. How long have you loved Hillary, hon? It shows…

          • Steven Farnsworth

            Yeah it won’t work. The socialist programs like Social Security, everything in our infrastructure, the power grids, the roads, the military, welfare…. and guess what, insurance cost went up because of 7unregulated capitalism and extensive loopholes in rules that insurance carriers use – not because of Obamacare made it more expensive, you mouth breathing toad.

          • Rowena

            Check out the Republican party platform from 1956. It sounds exactly like Bernie’s platform today. You will find that on Politifact, where you will find other material that will correct your ignorance.

          • Nancy Johnson

            Why do we have to have so much f***ing in our replies. Do you not have any other words in your vocabulary?

          • Markrod420


          • melly

            What over-the-top verbal masturbation. Are there no actual porn sites for you to go splooge all over?

          • melly

            Be quiet, your ignorance won’t show that way.

      • redcore

        “If you don’t understand economics” – disregarding those who don’t support your candidate with such a lazy blanket statement only reveals your own lack of economics knowledge.

        • Toni Grossmann

          Read the rest of his comments. Can’t take mentally challenged people living in comments sectionsof the internet seriously…

      • melly

        You flat-out don’t know what you’re talking about and you aren’t saying it correctly even if you were remotely close to having a point.

    • Guest II

      .Can’t think of anything to add …
      Well- written, good thinking ….

    • spktruth200

      NO we aren’t comfortable. The majority of us are living on $12,000 to 13,000 a month social security. We didn’t have 40lKs or pensions when we were working. Bernie was MARCHING with Dr. King, (while Hilary was a barry goldwater girl)….Bernie was getting arrested for his civil rights actions, and ONLY Bernie has a plan to end institutional racism….Clinton is no progressive, she is a moderate republican light using all the platforms of Sanders that get the most applause and supports…She just tweaks his messages and acts like she thought em up by herself…she is a liar, and using the democratic machine nationwide to get her elected….just like the RNC, both wholly owned subsidiaries of Wall Street and the 1%.

      • qwerrk

        $140-150K/yr SS!? Do what?! Where do I sign up?

        • Stanthe man

          Spktruth200 made a typo. $1200 to $1300 a month.

      • skyhillan

        $12-$13000 a month. Hate to burst your bubble but, to most people, that’s wealthy. See why Sanders has gained so much traction? However, with you on HRC being “Republican light.”

        • melly

          Pretty sure that was a typo, folks. Nobody gets that much Social Security every month, she surely was thinking “per year”.

          Putting aside the typo, she’s right–Hillary is a liar and a con artist.

          • Linda Wade

            I agree… it’s a typo

      • Hubert Fridge

        I am pretty sure the current SS monthly payment is about $2700/month minus the Medicare $104+added amounts if income from ANY other source exceeds $85,000 including the SS total for single persons. That amount starts at $157 and goes up in 20 dollar increments. I think apktruth 200 meant $1200-1300/month. Because of the rules of double or triple payments from the Gov, there is no minimum SS payment.

        • Michael Coon

          $2,700 a month? Where in the world did you get those figures? At least where I live in average is between 1250 and $1,500 a month. I’ll move to the part of the country that gets $2,700 a month.


      Wow. Way to stereotype us “older women.” Some of us are choosing to support Hillary because we know she is the best one qualified to handle foreign policy issues. I am in the under $20,000/yr group, 49 years old, masters-degree in education, liberal minded. I don’t watch TV, so it’s not her ads that are convincing me. I have much, MUCH hope for the future, and have NEVER been accused of “not wanting to rock the boat.” Just the opposite, actually. And for the record, I love Bernie and support his ideas. They simply don’t go far enough. He is thinking locally, not globally.

      • Linda Wade

        well the global agenda is corptacracy ruling nations friend… don’t think you have thought it all the way thru

      • Steven Stratton

        Hillary’s foreign policies views are not much different than a Conservative’s.

  • Markrod420

    Its not that interesting. Old people are traditionally stupid and so they vote for hillary. Young people are new age stupid and so they vote for sanders. This is actually a highly predictable outcome.

    • mwwykoff

      You come across as a middle-aged pundit who thinks everyone is stupid but yourself.

      • Rowena

        He’s not middle-aged. He’s a kid who thinks he’s the shit. He’s in his Ayn Rand phase.

  • Max

    Do you have one of these for GOP by the way?

  • Just My Opinion

    It looks like young people need to start engaging their parents and grandparents in political discussions. I’m disappointed in the over-50 voters of Iowa. They appear to be stuck in the status quo…when they should be thinking about the people who will inhabit this nation when they are long gone.

    • Patti Ireland

      and that is a big part of the problem- they are not thinking about the future.. I am in my 60s- a Bernie supporter, and I talk to too many in my age group that have just given up and don’t care about the future, because they don’t think there is one. Although I will say that in my precinct last night, looking at the counts- we had more older folks in our group than the Hillary group. The Hillary group was more the 30s-50s professionals. The Bernie group covered all age ranges. (and Bernie won in my precinct- het got 4 delegates to Hillary’s 2)

      • spktruth200

        the real supporters of the Clintons are older white and black women. They believe that the Clintons have done so much for blacks when in fact it was the 1994 War on Crime act that caused the mass incarceration rates in this country. Clinton forced poor women with small children to go to work (without any child care)….forcing them to find child care catch as catch can. How the hell can these folks remain ignorant about the Clinton legacy….its not Obamas legacy….go back to when Clinton was in office…that’s how she will rule.

    • Rowena

      At our caucus, the Clinton supporters were all extremely old, and could not give any substantial reasons for voting for her. The only person who seemed ready to defend her choice was the Clinton caucus chair herself. When others spoke, they couldn’t say much but “Hillary gets things done.” (What things?) “I trust Hillary.” (Why?) I am old myself, but the average Clinton supporter at our caucus was about 80–no lie. Bernie’s group was not only larger, but contained people of all ages in generous numbers. The end result was 5 delegates for Bernie and 2 for Clinton.

  • Steven Samuels Comic

    It’s Iowa people.. Iowa manufacture’s corn… they drop a seed in the dirt… they water it… they pick it, and occasionally they vote before the rest of us. Was there some expectation that they would be better, why?

    • John OLeary

      Manufactured? By Monsanto, I presume. Maybe that accounts for the apostrophe. But seriously, Iowa’s economy is more robust than that of most states, so there might be some connection to expectation in that fact.

      • Steven Samuels Comic

        type-o on the apostrophe, sarcasm with the use of the word “manufacture”…. if I was going after Monsanto I would have put it in quotes…

  • Rogerio Sa

    how can she have won all the coin tosses if there is this video going around?

    • Rowena

      He did win one. There were seven–she won six, and he won one. But it’s not a big deal, because those are only for delegates for the COUNTY convention–there are about 14,000 of those delegates. The media are reporting this coin toss thing all wrong. They don’t understand how a caucus works.

  • spktruth200

    There were 6 coin tosses and there is YOUTUBE proving he won at least one of those coin tosses! CSPAN covered the caucas in POLK where it was evident they had more votes than those registered. They couldn’t get the numbers to add up…something stinks in IOWA…and STILL 90 precincts who favored Bernie, NO democratic party operatives showed up at those caucus and they ran out of registration forms.. WE NEED THE JUSTICE DEPT TO INVESTIGATE THE WHOLE DAMN THING….I do not believe Clinton won…I believe Bernie won….the reason is that cspan showed a clip in Polk where there were about 400 for Sanders, and about 50 for Clinton….no Bernie supporters went to Clinton…but the vote was that Clinton had won? Outrageous.

    • spellwight

      Take a breath. It’s just the Iowa caucus not the national primaries.

    • Rowena

      The Iowa caucus is not done, and nobody won–that is just media and Clinton campaign spin. All the caucus did was select delegates for the county convention. We won’t know who “won” Iowa until June, when we know how many state delegates end up being for each candidate. At each step, the number of delegates is whittled down–right now the number of delegates is over 14,000, so six or seven coin tosses out of 14,000 mean nothing.

  • Johnny Dip

    Probability of Clinton winning all 6 coin toss is 0.5^6 = 0.01563 (1.563%). Is my math wrong or is it a completely rigged game?

    • Toni Grossmann

      It’s devine irony. The “money out of politics” guy gets defeated by a very unlikely series of coin toss…

      • Rowena

        No–that didn’t happen. I thought so too, because that’s what all the media were reporting, but it’s wrong. The caucus vote was only for delegates to the county conventions, so that’s what the coin tosses were for, not STATE delegates. There are over 14,000 county caucus delegates. At each level, the number of delegates gets whittled down. We won’t know the state delegates that each candidate won until June. And Iowa is not winner take all, either. Bernie keeps the delegates he ends up with in June.

        • Lenore Karadimos

          I’m very interested in this….. so no one really won Iowa yet? Is this just a beginning stage or something?

          • Rowena

            Yes, that’s right. The initial caucus is for delegates to the county conventions only. There are many thousands of those delegates. That is why the “coin toss” business really doesn’t have an impact at this point. Also, we have no way of knowing how many coin tosses there actually were or who won them, since a knowledgeable caucus chair would know the rules about it and would not necessarily report that there had been a coin toss in the event of an initial tie. In March the county caucuses will meet, and at that time the small number of O’Malley delegates will likely choose to go with Clinton or Sanders. But keep in mind that just like delegates at the national level, delegates will probably but not certainly go with their initial choice. There can be horse trading–that’s why you want to elect delegates at the local level who are super committed to your candidate. Anyway, then there will be district meetings, and finally a State convention in June, when the number of delegates will have been whittled down by 90%. It is those people who in June will actually determine who gets the most delegates from Iowa. They could be influenced by a number of things–say the FBI investigation of Clinton really blows up into something, or one of the candidates has a serious health crisis, or one of the candidates is handily winning the popular vote in other caucuses and primaries–all those things can influence how the delegates get spread at the state caucus in June. Also each state has super delegates just like at the national level, and we all can guess who they want–Grrr. Anyway, we will know who “won” the Iowa caucus in June by which candidate ends up with the most state delegates, but keep in mind that Iowa is not a winner-take-all state, so each candidate gets to keep their delegates, no matter which one has the most.

    • Rowena

      Clinton won six coin tosses and Sanders won one. But it doesn’t even matter because it only affects the county convention delegates–over 14,000 of them. Clinton did not “win Iowa” because of six coin tosses, as the media is reporting. Nobody has “won” Iowa until the state convention in June. And even then, it’s not winner take all.

  • gordonsoderberg

    If kids just voted, we would all be working,,,, for them.

  • patricia

    The Big Lie (I am a realist, he is pie in the sky) and the negative projection HRC slung WORKS on older folk, ESPECIALLY ON 55+ uneducated women, who seem to be the most knob headed Hillbots on social media. but even with this, it took cheating to get to 50/50– it is all down hill for HRC from here.

  • Amoment

    My house has 2 over 50 who are Bernie supporters…and our 20 yo daughter has convinced her lifelong Republican grandmother who has re-registered as a Democrat to make sure she can caucus with us all. :)

  • BigBangTrimm

    Growing up politics was always a banned subject. This has to change and that type of ignorance and arrogance is unacceptable in the information age – perhaps it worked in the stone age.

  • Linda Wade

    Would be interesting to see some comparisons to 2008 and 2012 as well… my question… did the millineal vote turn out in the #s we need them too… they can keep us in the fight until more of the 55 plus wake up

  • Linda Wade

    also… how did Obama’s caucus results in Iowa translate to the Iowa primary

  • MableSpam

    The issue is older peeps still get (mis)informed by corporate media… Who has put a virtual blackout on covering Bernie. After he wins NH, they will not be able to stop their reporters from covering #TheBern

  • Grandma Bennie

    I’m 67 and my daughter is 44. She feels like nothing is going to change in Washington so why bother. Unfortunately the 35 to 49 year old demographic is and has been taking the brunt of our failed economic policies for so long they just feel beaten down. I’ve watched the collapse since the Reagan administration with it’s “trickle down” economics bullshit. This “theory” has finally been tested to the point of breaking and fortunately we are seeing the 18-30 yr. olds taking up the challenge. Bernie has been railing against this for decades and FINALLY someone is listening. FEEL THE BERN!

  • CF_Pro

    Can’t believe the low turnout of the young people in Iowa for Bernie, stop partying and get out to vote!

    • Rowena

      It wasn’t low. With the exception of the turnout for Obama, it was the highest turnout ever. Remember this was a caucus–very few people can participate because it runs from 7-9 (at least) on a week night. Some people work; some people have night classes; some people have babies or small children and no sitter. A caucus is by its very nature exclusive. At my precinct caucus, there were so many people over what was expected that they ran out of registration forms, and most people had to stand for two hours. Many of those there were young people, and my precinct is not even close to the university in our town. At other precincts closer to the university, the waiting line was so long to get in and moved so slowly, that some kids left. I’m not happy that they left, but I put the blame squarely on the Democratic party here and the arcane caucus practices.

      • CF_Pro

        I am basing my opinion on the polls vs actual turnout. We should of seen lots more young people based on that polling data. I agree Iowa caucus process is insane, can’t believe this is 2016 and this is still happening.

  • Kiku Botura

    I’ve read that Bernie won with several coin tosses as well.