Why the Bitcoin Price Matters

People much smarter than myself have written with a great deal more eloquence (means they think and write real good-like) that I am able to muster on why the price of bitcoin is the least interesting thing about it, or why it just doesn’t matter much. Some of them have even kept their heads during this […]

American brewery numbers

It’s Saturday night. I’m watching 21 Jump Street and thinking about mead. This chart shows the number of breweries in America. I have always assumed that prohibition destroyed a local and flourishing brewing scene. If I had to draw a chart of the number of breweries in operation from 1887-today I would have drawn something […]

Robert Reich: Consumers can’t afford free

Robert Reich has given my alma mater a bad name for too long.  Last week the former Secretary of Labor asserted that technology companies which offer free services to consumers are “raising prices“ and “creating monopolies that must eventually be broken up.” Even more embarrassing for Reich than his assertion that free services cause consumers to “end […]