A conversation about politics with THE American swing voter

In the interest of protecting this person’s identity, I will not disclose who they are.  However, his presidential voting record is that he has voted Carter, Reagan, Reagan, Bush Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Bush, Obama, Obama. He started supporting Trump in early-August saying “I just like what he said, about running the country like a business.”

I had a followup talk with this person today about politics and took some notes during our conversation:

  • Really hope Trump is nominated.
  • Won’t vote for Hillary no matter what, but if Bill Clinton were running, I’d be campaigning for him.
  • I like what Bernie Sanders said about medical insurance for everyone. I saw him on one of the Sunday shows and was very factual, he said he supported Obamacare but that it didn’t cover everyone, and that we should have insurance for the American people.
  • I can’t believe Christie is still in the race
  • I’ll never vote for Cruz, I heard his college roommates don’t even like him.
  • Jeb Bush thinks he’s going to win, but he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance.
  • If it’s Trump-Sanders, I might go Sanders. I like both.
  • I like Bloomberg, too. More the merrier, and I mean that.
  • Anybody but Hillary. My girlfriend recently told me that she didn’t think I ever liked Hillary and I realized she’s is right, I think she’s just too condescending, even though she tries not to be.
  • I think Reagan was good, and I like it when all the people like Trump, Bush, Rubio, and Cruz quote him.
  • I’m getting a feeling that my neighbors do support Trump too.
  • It’s funny, the whole race. I just find it funny.