2016 Predictions

Predictions for 2016

  • Bitcoin in USD will outperform the S&P 500 (Starting values: Bitcoin $243.99, S&P $2050.54)
  • Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes will not finish the year as CEO of Theranos
  • Fewer American companies will IPO in 2016 than did in 2015 (170)
  • Student loan default rates will increase (currently 11.8%)
  • At one of its 12 meetings, the Federal Reserve vote to lower rates interest rates
  • Bitcoin’s block size will be greater than 1.5 MB (currently 1 MB)
  • A member country will leave the European Union
  • A country with a McDonald’s will drop a bomb in a country with a McDonald’s
  • Marco Rubio will win the Republican nomination for president.
  • Hillary Clinton will win the Democrat nomination for president.
  • A third party will garner mo re than 10% of the popular votes in the US presidential general election


  • Greeks will see more unrest
  • Terrorism is going to increase
  • Virtual Reality is going to raise concerns about citizens “punching out” of reality

Below are the tweets to this effect.  Since they are all threaded, if one were deleted you would be able to tell.