2009 New Year’s Deck Log Entry

Below is the deck log entry I wrote on New Year’s Day, 2010.

USS Germantown Deck Log Entry
01/01/2010 Time 0001

Here we sit beside mole pier
Moored on starboard fore to rear
Taking power from the shore
Machines all silent in our core
All seems quiet, all is right
For I will stand the watch tonight

But, hark! The greatest clamor comes
As if a million beating drums
From revelers, each one a clown
To wake the restful Germantown
Together they rejoice as one
Highlighting our lack of fun.
Suddenly, my senses shaken
Restlessness in me awakens
Filled with doubt and dread and fear
I feel desertion creeping near

For oh what fun I’d have if free
Not chained to the boulder of duty
I’d run downtown drink beer and wine,
And have myself the grandest time
With payday nigh’ and flush with cash
I’d probably get super smashed!
Oh, I could be so happy now
If only I would cross this brow

But that is not for faint of heart
And it would only be the start
Of criminal investigation
Towards my duty’s dereliction
But is that the reason that I stay?
Or is there a purely lighted ray
Which fills my heart with hope of more
Than simply San Diego’s shore

For if I were to leave in shame
2010 wouldn’t be the same
It wouldn’t be full of INSURV prep
A loss I would surely regret
Plus I would never actually
Earn my OOD at sea!

Welded here for quite some time
(fourteen months instead of nine)
Impressed to me that our navy
Is mostly run by BAE.
But there’s a light, an opening
That makes this tunnel worth the pain
To sea we’ll go in February
And tour the Socal-Op ayuree
Then we’ll make preps for open sea
And go get the Harper’s Ferry!

We’ll have ourselves adventure
And drink ourselves from rich to poor
Then take Harpy from Japanese
And leave them with the G-town’s keys
And this old beauty of a ship
Will somehow give her crew the slip

As my daydream now subsides
I hear again revelers’ cries
Drunken melodic ecstasy
But now I only feel sorry
For them, for they just ne’er can know
The bravery of those below
who fight a war ‘gainst grime and rust
Which threaten our ship’s very crust
Nor can they e’er begin to fathom
The pride that comes to lucky some
Conning seventeen thousand tons
‘Cross widest of world’s oceans!

I stand and gain appreciation
For our service to this nation
And thank my lucky stars in heaven
That the feeling I am now havin’
Doesn’t along their lines run
And can’t dare be confused with fun
Here I remain, three hours more
Standing the watch, moored as before…
…The following, it’s plain to see
Is lacking some sincerity
Rife with jest and sarcasm
Split from real’ty by a chasm
It tells a tale which none believe
Of sailors who abhor their leave
For reasons solely altruistic
Like how all just love the ISIC

But now it’s time, I will confess
Some feelings I keep close to chest
Which I oft’ feel but seldom speak
For fear tears from my eyes may leak
I’m talking ‘course bout why I work
And all my duties never shirk
The reason for this is the crew
From O-5 down to E-2
Who do just as much work as me
Oft’ multiplied times two or three!

The job it sucks, I will admit
But no one else onboard will quit
And so I use sincerity
In proclaiming no melancholy.
For if you look then you will see
We share this boat quite liter’ly
These sailors make my job worthwhile
And often bring my face a smile

So if I chose to cut and run
To whom would a favor be done?
Indeed my sailors then would need
To pick up after my misdeed
And bear an even greater strain
For missions so unyielding
So I will choose quite consciously
To serve my watch wholly honorably
Neither for self, ship nor country
But because of those surrounding me.

And if I ever hear a slander
Against our crew, then I must render
Every bit of iron will
To keep myself from raising hell
And punching in that bastard’s face
Who dare our gallant crew deface
For I am sturdy, bold, and strong
And when my shipmates come along
Then we form something tried and true
The U. S. S. Germantown Crew.