The Rise of the Third Estate – Part 1

“There is little that can withstand a man who can conquer himself.” -King Louis XIV Societies have always put up lines that separate their members into different groups. Traditionally, the group into which a person fell was determined at birth, but in the past 200 years this has become less true (at least in most democracies). In our […]

Who Paved the Way for Donald Trump?

2/7 – Vermin Supreme Says He ‘Paved The Way For Donald Trump (Youtube) 2/23 – Failures of politics paved way for Trump (HeraldNet) 2/23 – How Sarah Palin Paved The Way For Donald Trump (NPR) 3/2 – South Hampton Roads paved the way for Trump’s primary victory (Virginian Pilot) 3/2 – How The Republicans Paved The Way For Donald […]

How the New Media and Open Primaries Gave Birth to Donald Trump’s Rise

People have tried the “controversy as a strategy” for centuries; it couldn’t have worked until today. The democratization of the media has created an everlasting boon for consumers – the “information gap” between ordinary people and elites, once completely unbalanced, has been nearly leveled. Communications that were at once inefficient have been organized into liquid […]

Antonin Scalia

Justice Scalia was a friend of the Constitution, and thus he was a friend to Americans. America is not imbued, as are other nations, with a homogenous heritage. The monolith nature of some cultures is strong enough to allow rules governing to go unwritten. America has no such luxury, nor any such hindrance. In the […]

Because of superdelegates, Bernie Sanders needs 62.5% of the New Hampshire popular vote to tie Hillary

Typically, in a primary, delegates are elected by voters to cast their vote at the nominating convention on behalf of those voters.  “Superdelegates” go to the convention just like regular delegates but are free to support any candidate they like, independently of who their constituents prefer.  One of Hillary Clinton’s tactics in keeping Joe Biden out […]